Sea-Man (Original MOTU Concept Design)

Most will agree that the majority of Hordak’s science experiments go horribly wrong. However, during one of the rare times that he managed to capture She-Ra he was able to secretly extract her DNA and used it to create a clone of her. Instilling it with DNA from other creatures, once it reached maturity, it used it’s super-natural powers to break free. Feeling it was an abomination of science it took refuge in one place not many could follow, the depths of the Etherian Swell: A dangerous and deep sentient ocean. Over time it honed it’s abilities and took the water on as an attribute, becoming Sea-Man! It’s no coincidence that he bares a striking resemblance to He-Man, as She-Ra and He-Man are siblings. And not only in power, but he also wields the mystical Sword of Shale!

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