Princess Jayna (Original MOTU Concept Design)

Jayna is one that you do not want to cross. She is the princess of the Andryk people of old Etheria, and last of her kind. The Andryk are mystics and organically tied to the land of Etheria. When Hordak rose to power and ravaged much of the Etherian lands, drought and famine ensued and Jayna’s people began dying off. When they realized what was going on it was too late. So they did the only thing they could think of to ensure the Andryk lived on: they imbued their essence into the youngest and strongest of their people. Jayna gained the power, cunning, wisdom, and skill of all of her people combined, and wields the Obsidian Black Blade which guides her in times of question. She now upholds the ways of her ancestors in her never ending battle against the Evil Horde.

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