Tank Face (Original MOTU Character Design)

Tank Face is an ex Horde Trooper turned bounty hunter. No one knows why he keeps the Horde emblem on his armor, some say for the street cred, but he has retrofitted it to allow for sub-dimensional and space travel. This allows him to traverse all of the known (and some unknown) territories and hideouts that his bounties may go. He is armed with his deneutralizer gun that does exactly that, when he uses it on you it does the opposite of neutralize, causing every molecule in your body to move at the most extreme rate of vibration causing your molecules to disband into a pile of goo. Fortunately, his robotic head can record the incident allowing him to collect his bounty. His head can also swivel around revealing his grip cannon, which just blows massive holes in anything he fires it at, leaving bystanders gripped with terror!

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