Grid Iron (MOTU Original Character Concept)

Grid Iron is Hordak’s field general on the battlefield, and may be the last guy you’d want to see you if you find yourself fighting against the Evil Horde! He is known for his more than perfect eye sight. They say Grid Iron can see the color of the spots on a glipglop fly from another dimension away. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t want to be noticed by someone, get noticed by this guy and he’ll be the last to see you alive. No one knows if Grid Iron’s inter dimensional sight is myth or not, but he has yet to be proven wrong.

Grid Iron was made from a Slush Head base and heavily modded head, Tung Lashor skirt, King Hsss modded armor, and Wizard Hordak legs. He features sculpted detail, and an ACCF Filmation style paint job. Enjoy!


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