Wrap-Skeleton (MOTU Original Character Concept)

Talk about luck, good or bad is a personal preference in the case of Wrap-Skeleton. Eons ago a man known as the Fool of Eternia stumbled upon the realm’s last cache of Eternity Stones hidden in the mud of a cave long forgotten. Only thought to be myth, the stones grant the wearer eternal life, strength, and knowledge. The six stones each need a counter part, hence 3 attributes granted when combined. But there is a cost to this power: the stones slowly “change” the wearer’s mortal body, starting with the face. The Fool, now known as Wrap-Skeleton, travels Eternia looting for what he needs, and due to his eternal knowledge he can never be caught, but he is quite a thorn in the side of He-Man.

Wrap-Skeleton was made from a MOTU Classics Dragstor base, a Horde Wraith hood with a Skeletor face grafted on, MOTUC Blade armor, Roton? legs, Ceratus skirt, and tons of sculpted detail. finished with a trademark ACCF MOTU paint job. Enjoy!


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