Tur-Man (MOTU Original Character Design)

You won’t meet a more fearsome yet gentle creature on Eternia. Tur-Man is nothing but tried and true selfless hero through and through, and that is why Battle Cat has “adopted” him as his best friend. Tur-Man can’t speak and is always the last to fight, but when he does enter the fray with his indestructible cinder-mace there is no mercy for those who side against his friends. Hailing from the Rocky Rocks of Eternia, Tur-Man is the most educated of his kind, fights to ensure not only his people’s safety, but that of his adopted family as well.

Tur-Man was made from a Ceratus base with a totally re-sculpted head and armor, his tail is from Lizard Man, and his shell is from a Japanese import Gamera/Micro-Man figure that’s been sculpted on. His paint job is heavily inspired by the Filmation series. Enjoy!



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