Robo Ronin (Original MOTUC Character)

The war for the Ronin is on. Ripping through the twin realms of Eternia and Etheria is the unstoppable force of nature: Robo Ronin. A technologically reanimated corpse of an ancient war martyr, Robo Ronin is the center of attention of all of the rival forces of Hordak, Skeletor, He-Man, and King Hsss. None of them can afford to allow Robo Ronin to fall into the hands of the others, but no one can seem to stop him either, and he serves no master.

Robo Ronin was made from a DC Multiverse Armored Batman base, MOTUC Blast Attack boots, King Hsss skirt, Saurod tail plates for shoulder pads, and his head is a ML Task Masterface with an Odin helmet. He features custom swords and sculpted details throughout. Wrapped up in a FILMATION style ACCF paint job. Enjoy!


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