Armor-Up (Original MOTUC Character)

A once disenfranchised Eternian Palace Guard, Kale Zeroff left his royal post to become one of Eternia’s most effective bounty hunters. Feeling as he’s finally found his calling in life, Armor-Up is never one to turn away from a fight, and left his post as a Palace Guard with the blessing of and in the good graces of King Randor and the royal family. Always welcome at the palace, Armor-Up is often invited to the odd Test of Challenges by his ally He-Man himself!

Armor-Up was made from a MOTUC Blast Attack base with Horde Soldier legs, Saurod shoulder pads, and his head is a modded ML Whirlwind, and he features sculpted detail throughout! His paint job is an homage to the obscure 80’s Spanish GI Joe knock-off figure, Darman, from the Madelman 2050 toy line. Enjoy!


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