Commander Half-Man (MOTUC Original Character)

Years ago during the rise of the Snake Men a young villager interceded during a snake raid on his fathers land. He tried to stop King Hsss himself from killing his family. He failed, and in the process was bitten by the venomous king. The young man laid dying from the bit, and was found seemingly dead by the his remaining fellow villagers. Thinking him dead they tossed his lifeless body into the nearby Eternian River of Crakoon to be swept away by the rapids. However, the mysterious waters mixed with King Hsss’s venom revived the young, transforming him into the powerful Half-Man, capable of transforming him into a deadly serpent, and dead set on revenge against the murderous King Hsss and his army and anyone who gets in his way!

Commander Half-Man was made from a King Hsss snake form figure with sculpted detail. His Human upper half was a Snake armor King Hsss with Molaar arms with sculpted detailed hands, his second set of hands are from a MOTUC Wraith, and head is a DC Old Man Bruce Wayne. He is wrapped up in a trademark ACCF paint job. Enjoy!


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