Ape-Arms (Original MOTUC Character)

Ape-Arms is an outcast of a homo-simian race that dwells in the in the Great Eternian Mountains. Before he was exiled for speaking against the elders of his clan he held the title of Chief War Scientist. Ape-Arms exposed a secret faction that was determined to take rule over Simia, the high city of his people. He was too late in voicing his discover, and was banished by the new regime. Now he fights at the side of his old friend, Man-At-Arms, in preparation for the coming Great Simian War.

Ape-Arms was made from a basic MOTUC base, MOTUC King Chooblah arms with newly sculpted fists, an alternate Moss Man head, and a custom build shoulder mounted twin cannon. He’s wrapped up in a FILMATION inspired ACCF paint job. Enjoy!


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