Sam-Heinous (ACCF Original MOTUC Character)

The spirit of Halloween is not just an Earth-bound tradition. It spans galaxies and universes. There is much happiness and fun to be had in it’s celebration, but to define light there must be dark. Sam-Heinous is the living embodiment of evil on Eternia. His influence can be felt throughout the year, but once every yearly cycle he has the strength to take physical form and rule the night. A mostly mischievous being, Sam-Heinous has also been known to take a few souls as company for his year long wait. He is indestructible, all knowing, and eternal. His influence has no bounds, and his physical reach is endless. They say when he is about to take a soul he reveals his alternate Havoc Head! He can appear anywhere, any time, all of the time for one night a year: Halloween!

Sam-Heinous was made from a MOTUC Horde Wraith, modded Spirit Hordak hands, a MOTUC wing set, DCUC Dessaad Hood and the skull face from a MOTUC Man-E-Faces, and his alternate head is the ram from Skeletors Havoc staff. He features sculpted detail including his pumpkin chest emblem, armor, and rope. Wrapped up in a trademark ACCF MOTU style paint job. Enjoy!


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