Light-M-Up (ACCF Original MOTUC Character)

Part of a 2 man mercenary team hired by Hordak, Fly-Bye and Light-M-Up are experts at leveling the field. In battle they are Etheria’s most devastating tag-team, Light-M-Up scorching the earth, and Flye-Bye reigning death from above! Light-M-Up is a member of the techno-skull species, consisting of a skull from the Etherian Ancients and a gAstral host body encased in unpenetrable techno-skull fire armor. He is armed with his chemo-meltor and has an attitude to match. It’s said that without Fly-Bye’s sense of humor and deathly playful nature Light-M-Up would melt down the entire world until even he had nothing to stand on.

Light-M-Up was made from a MOTUC Dragstor base with Slush Head and Hydron armor. He features sculpted detail and is wrapped up in a trademark ACCF MOTUC paint job. Enjoy!


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