Ermac (Mortal Kombat MOTUC Style)

MORTAL KOMBAT!!! Ermac is an amalgam of the souls of deceased warriors, crafted to serve as an enforcer for Shao Kahn, the evil emperor of the otherworldly dimension of Outworld. A master combatant, Ermac can also manifest his collection of souls into telekinetic powers that result in some of the most brutal of Mortal Kombat’s FATALITIES! He comes with a set of bright green telekinetic soul hand and a soul mist effect!

Ermac was made from a MOTUC Dragstor base, He-Men arms, Vikor armor, and a MK Scorpion head base. He features tons of sculpted detail including his armor from top to bottom, his alternate hands and head. He was inspired by the Jin Saotome figure, and is wrapped up in a trademark ACCF MK paint job. Enjoy!


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