Venomous (MOTUC Original)

In the wake of his defeat at the hands of Lady Slither and her Snakeman army, Hordak is amassing some slithering savages of his own. Among the recruits is the brutal Venomous! Though he is armed with his blood staff, Venomous’s preferred method of attack is to sink his claws into his victims and then his fangs!

Venomous was made from a MOTUC Squeeeze base with a modded Fangor head, Rattlor feet, ML King Thor shoulders with Sy-Klone arms and interchangeable sets of hands. He has a Lizard Man tail and waist skirt with Rattlor’s tail tip, and features sculpted scales, head fin, and forearm armor. His blood staff is made from 10 glyos parts that are all interchangeable to make different weapons! He is wrapped up in a metallic ACCF paint job. Enjoy!


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