Snake Trooper (MOTUC Concept)

In the wake of his defeat at the hands of Lady Slither and her Snakeman army, Hordak is amassing some slithering savages of his own. Among the recruits is the indomitable Snake Trooper! Only the most ruthless and jaded snakes qualify to wear the Horde Snake Trooper armor! These will be the front line in the next battle that Hordak wages against Lady Slither’s army, and will bit brother against venomous brother! All Snake troopers are armed with the terrifying Asp Staff, one of the most fearsome weapons in all Eternia!

The Snake Trooper is based on concept art by the great Axel Gimenez! He was made from a MOTUC Flogg base with Horde Trooper armor, King Hisss lower body and 3 interchangeable heads. He comes with a 10 part glyos staff that is entirely interchangeable to build endless weapons. He is finished with a trademark ACCF paint job. Enjoy!


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