Prodigy (Slingers)

Inspired by Spiderman, four teens take up costumes and codenames used by Spidey during the Identity Crisis crossover. As Leader of the Slingers, Prodigy’s costume is mystically infused with power, giving him incredible superhuman strength, enough to stop a speeding train with his bare hands. He can leap incredible distances, appearing to fly. His golden costume is completely bulletproof, and can withstand most physical assaults. His cape has similar properties; it alone once protected a child from a burning building collapsing around him.

Prodigy was made from a Bucky Cap base, Spiderman feet, Iron Fist hands, Ronin head, and a Movie Superman cape. His suit is made of tons of sculpted detail, and wrapped up in a trademark ACCF metallic and matte paint job. Enjoy!




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