The Wraith (1986 Movie)


One of my favorite 80’s B sci-fi movie is 1986’s The Wraith staring Charlie Sheen before he was drinking tiger blood and was winning from his movies alone. This is one of the best revenge/justice movies ever made, and stars Sheen as The Wraith back to exact vengeance on the drag racing gang that killed him. Think The Crow but with cars. For most the star of this flick is the Wraith’s car, the Dodge Turbo Interceptor, but for me it was the futuristic space-biker design of the driver, The Wraith. There’s a scene where he comes in to the gangs headquarters with some future gun and wrecks shop. A scene Robocop would homage the next year. I love the black design of the costume with the blue and purple accents that you see when they catch the light.

The Wraith was made from a MOTUC Icarus armor with a modded Multi-bot base and head, Horde Soldier arms and legs, MOTUC Hawk lower legs with Icarus feet, and tons of fodder. Finished him with his trademark black look with 4 shades of black, with purple and blue accents that catch the light. He’s armed with his trademark boomstick! Enjoy!




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