Spy-Ro-Bot (MOTUC Original)


You wouldn’t figure an old, graffiti ridden protocol droid for a master spy. Which is exactly the point! Spy-Ro-Bot is an information sponge and master of espionage. He is the last remaining droid from Eternia’s initial worker droid run. he was deemed obsolete and left for parts when he suddenly went sentient. Now Spy-Ro-Bot has been around long enough to hold every ounce of Eternia’s history in his data banks, and is able to blend in anywhere he is by just collapsing into a pile of parts. He is not only an excellent spy but has evolved into an exceptional combat droid as well. He spends most of his time selling his information to the highest bidder, but can also fight his way out of any situation!

Spy-Ro-Bot was made from a Multi-Bot base with a modded Nepthu head. His exposed waist section is made from fodder, and his rockets were made from MOTUC Icarus parts. He is highly detailed from head to toe with graffiti he’s accumulated over time, over a bright Filmation style base. Enjoy!



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