Fence-Or (MOTUC Original)


Fence-Or is the greatest swordsmen in the Universe, and has the reputation for being the only swordsmen to be able to fight just as well in zero gravity due to his bio-air armor. Fence-Or is armed with a vibro taser and a laser sword that is recharged in his backpack. Along with Gundown and Statuesque, Fence-Or is part of Titan’s Clan Chaos, determined to bring the Universe to it’s knees!

Fence-Or was made from a MOTUC Saurod base, Karati hands, Blast Attack waist armor, Sea Hawk head with He-Ro II ponytail, and a reversed Cosmic Skeletor helmet, with custom weapons. He is finished with an extremely detailed metallic and flat paint job with tons of panel detail and shading. Enjoy!



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