King Animal (MOTUC Original)


King Animal is one of the most despicable and ruthless members of Hordak’s Evil Horde. He earned his name by using his enchanted helmet to lure animals out of the wilderness and using them to do his evil bidding! Hordak immediately knew he needed a man with King Animal’s talents in his ranks. He is accompanied by some of Etheria’s indigenous animals including a Fleeter Monkey, a rare Glob Flyer, and a Kolian from Kowl’s flock named Kleeter.

King Animal was made from a MOTUC Skeletor base and armor with ML Ghost Rider parts added, Prahvus lower legs with DK Batman feet, He-Man arms,  DCUC cape and collar, and the head is a MOTUC Count Marza with a Prahvus shoulder skull and sculpted jaw. He’s finished with a bright red and deep shaded Filmation style paint job. Enjoy!



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