Bog-Beast (MOTUC Original)


Deep in the mud and murk of the Eternia swampland lurks the Bog Beast! Despite his looks he’s one of Man-At-Arms’ most trusted allies, and oldest friends. A long time ago while exploring, Duncan was ambushed and left for dead by Skeletor’s henchmen in the Deep Deep of the lost Eternia swamp land. Just when he’d lost all hope, he was dragged to solid ground by Bog Beast’s tendrils. From that point on it’s been a mission of Duncan’s to protect all of the Eternia swamp lands, including Bog Beast’s domain. When there’s a job that is just too dirty, Bog Beast is the… ‘thing’ you call. With the ability to materialize in any dirt on the planet, Bog Beast is perfect for a sneak attack!

Bog Beast was made from a MOTUC King Chooblah base, Skeletor feet, and a modded ML Man Thing head. He features sculpted details throughout and is finished in a vibrant and deeply shadded Filmation inspired paint job. Enjoy!



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