False-Face (MOTUC)


False-Face was only featured in one episode of the 80’s She-Ra cartoon (Glimmer’s Story), but he left a big impact on me! He was an Evil Horde spy sent in undercover by Hordak to capture and take the place of a prince that was visiting Etheria. False-Face did so and disguised as the prince was able to win the favor of of Glimmer, and infiltrate the kingdom! Here he is armed with his vile crossbow, and has 7 interchangeable heads that he can morph into and take over any position in any kingdom in any army! His false heads include Hordak, Skeletor, King Hisss, King Randor, a common village citizen, a handsome prince, and the falsest face of all, False-Face himself!

False-Face was made with a MOTUC Voltak base, with completely sculpted armor and modded head, the King Randor head was almost 100% sculpted, and he was finished with a metallic/matte finish AC Custom paint job. Enjoy!


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