Tygra (Thundercats Four Horsemen Style)


Resident Thundercat’s architect, scientist, and all around brawler, Tygra is by far my favorite of the Thunderians! He’s armed with a bolo-whip and serves as leader of the Thundercat’s council. This is one of my most favorite projects I’ve ever worked on.

Tygra was made from a MOTUC base, Tung Lashor legs and Demo Man feet. He has a modded Mol-Arr arms and a Stratos hand, and a modded Evil Seed skirt. His suit details were all sculpted. His head was a He-Man cast with heave sculpt work, mostly to the hair. His whip was a Tygra wip from another figure that I reshaped and added sculpted details to. The best part is his vibrant paint job, heavily inspired by FILMATION and the MOTUC style. Enjoy!




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