Savage (Valiant Comics)


On occasion I get to create something that is just for fun and my love of this comic book culture world that I live in. For those not into Valiant Comics at the moment I highly recommend doing so. In the next few years you’re going to be hearing a lot about them. Savage is one of Valiant’s newest characters who’s first solo mini series just wrapped up last week with issue #4. I had the great privilege to create this Savage figure for the CEO of Valiant Entertainment, Dinesh Shamdasani, who was also the recipient of my Divinity figure from last year. Savage is the story about Kevin who’s family’s private jet crashes on an island inhabited by dinosaurs, and follows his trek to manhood. It’s a great, fast paced kinetic read with amazing art by Lewis Larosa, Clayton Henry, and Brian Reeber, with covers by Larosa, Renato Guedes, Bill Sienkiewicz and others.

For the figure I started with a Marvel Legends Miles Morales Spiderman as a base and completely retooled it. He has a ML Logan head, ML Winter Soldier hair, and cast feet. I sculpted his hair, bone decor, wrinkles in the pants, and all the little details like the feathers and dino skull on his belt. I braided thread for his leg ties, and his fur cape was donated by one of my little dog Mooge’s toys that I feathered and painted. Savage comes with his trusty dino-claw blades that were made of fodder and sculpted detail, and his trusty spear for bum-rushing those pesky Sienkiewiczasauruses! I then created a jungle base for Savage from a figure base, some sticks and fabricated plastic trees (new Radiohead song, thanks Joe), and sculpted entire thing from the rocks to the vines and tree trunks. I then wrangled a couple dinosaurs and completely repainted them, the Savage figure, and the base with a deeply shaded paint job to match the muted tones of Brian Reeber’s colors as close as I could. For the photos I wanted to homage some of my favorite covers and pages from the series.

I want to thank Dinesh for bringing this project to me and for he and his team’s work in making Valiant Comics the most relevant and accessible publisher in the game, and for saving these characters. Kudos folks! Enjoy!





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