Bullseye (Dave Johnson Style)


One of Marvel’s most badass villains just got a makeover. Bullseye has been a thorn in the side of not only Daredevil, but the entire Marvel Universe for years. This is Bullseye in his new look and based on a cover of his new solo series by artist Dave Johnson. Bullseye is the ultimate marksman and has stepped up his weaponry. He comes with a sniper rifle, hand gun that fits into his thigh holster, and one of his favorite weapons of choice, a deck of custom painted throwing cards. He features sculpted details from head to toe and wrapped up in a new custom painted suit! This Bullseye is ready to take it to the streets of Hell’s Kitchen and the rest of the Marvel U!

Bullseye was made from a ML Havock base, he features sculpted details on his mask, collar, belt, forearms, and boots. Wrapped up in a custom paint job. Enjoy!




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