NAMOR Sub Mariner (MOTU Style)


IMPERIUS REX! Classic Namor will always be the best Namor. In his first appearance the guy comes out of the sea like Daniel Craig in Casino Royal and snatches up Sue Storm for his queen. Come on! I have always wanted to work on a Namor figure but never had the chance, so this was a blast! The client asked for Sub Mariner’s classic look but on a MOTUC base, and I have to say this buck was made for swimming! I love the hair on the new Marvel Legends Walgreens exclusive with the tips, which actually fits more closely with his early appearances. I was also a huge fan of what Loose Collector did with the gauntlets on his ML Namor. So I gave him all that and then some. He comes equipped with his trusty trident with a custom paint job, and is now ready to rule the 7 seas!

Namor was made from a MOTUC Oo-Larr base, MOTUC Vykron head, MOTUC Snake-Face crotch, and ML Namor wings. Most of the work went into reshaping the head and then sculpting his hair, gauntlets and belt. Check out the fine details of his sea shell and texture of his gauntlets! I finished he and his trident off with a custom metallic and gloss paint job worthy of the King of Atlantis! Enjoy!



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