Joker Batman Impostor Dark Knight (Movie Masters)


WHy sO seRiOus? My custom Joker Batman Impostor from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight. What if Joker got a hold of a Batsuit and ran around Gotham wrecking house in the most twisted way possible?!?! I always wanted to at the very least repaint the poorly painted factory Movie Masters 6″ heads. However, I decided to go a step further and give Joker a fully graffitied Batsuit and 2 custom repainted heads! He has resculpted shoulder pads, hand gun, and a custom graffitied Batman helmet to bash in some of the competition’s heads! This is the Joker figure you don’t want to say no to. I want to thank Gino Roberto for the inspiration from his custom 12″ Hot Toys custom. Enjoy!



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