Spacetronaut (MOTUC Original)


Another part of Captain Trainor’s crew thought lost in the effort to recover Captain Glenn, the Spacetronaut is an empty husk of what used to be an astronaut of Earth. When Trainor’s spaceship was abandoned a mysterious force in the Eternian space kept the essence of Trainor’s pilot alive but without any recognition of what he used to be. Thus leaving him with only instinct to roam the space over Eternia and help any space-dwellers or astronauts in need. Armed with his mega-mock blaster the Spacetronaut is the stuff of legend as He-man has heard of his stories and has vowed to one day restore him to his original self.

Spacetronaut was made from a DC Multiverse Batman Base with a MOTUC upper torso, Captain Glenn helmet, and fodder parts for his jetpack and blaster. Finished with a complete make-over of a paint job based on a real space suit I researched. Enjoy!



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