Prophetus (MOTUC Original)


Prophetus the blind seer was just a peasant when he was hiding behind a rock during one of Skeletor’s raids on his village. Suddenly he heard a sound that he had never heard before in his life. A great resounding voice! He peered out from behind the cover of his rock only to see Prince Adam transform into the great and powerful He-Man! The flash from the transformation blinded him yet left him with the ability to see any creature’s true intentions. The flash also transformed his mere walking stick into the Staff of Purple Mist that can guide him to safety in any situation.

Prophetus was made from a mix of MOTUC bucks, Lizard Man modded skirt, Demo Man’s shirt with sculpted cape and Count Marzo’s jewel. His head is a custom cast Skeletor hood and the face is from some zombie wizard set piece with sculpted hair. Wrapped him up in a FILMATION style paint job. Enjoy!




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