Blackheart (MOTUC Style) with WIP Tutorial


I remember wanting to put my own spin on Blackheart ever since seeing how they botched him in the Ghost Rider movie. I always really liked the character and his presence. Blackheart has had a few different looks but my favorite is his design in the Circle of Four story with Agent Venom, Ghost Rider, X-23 and the Punisher. Blackheart comes with a chared flaming skull that can store the souls of his victims!

For this one the client asked for him to be built on a Masters of the Universe Classics base, so I used the DC Multiverse Doomsday Superman since they share the same MOTUC body. I gave him a poseable tail that gives him balance so he can be posed holding figures off the ground like Ghost Rider! For the head I dremeled down the hair and sculpted the face, brow, and first crown on “hair”. The hard part was cutting and gluing each individual “hair” strand on his head, back and shoulders (well over a hundred of them), which I got from several capes. Each one had to be held in place until the glue dried so that they stay in place. Then I had to paint each one and let them individually dry so they didn’t stick together. I gave parts of his skin some texture by painting over puffy paint. Very time consuming and I don’t recommend it if you want to remain sane! His paint job is many shades of black and gray layered over each other. A great project, but a tedious one. Credit to Jin Saotome for some of the ideas. Enjoy!



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