Red Claw (MOTUC Original)


Red Claw is the also known as Eternia’s Fighting Fists of Fury! He has spent his life fighting through every wasteland imaginable in search of his family. Little does he know that as a child he and his brother were separated and one left on Eternia while the other was shunted into the Dark Eternia dimension. There Red Claw’s brother was stolen by Lord Dark, but saved by Lord Firebird and became Prince Battle-Or. Red Claw bares his family’s crest in the form of an empowering tattoo on his chest; that of the powerful Eternian Red Tiger. Red Claw will continue to battle with He-Man until the day he is reunited with his brother!

Red Claw was made from a MOTUC upper base and DC Multiverse Mutant Leader lower body. His head is MOTUC Vikor with sculpted hair, armor, and belt. His tiger head tattoo was meticulously hand painted from some design I found. Finished off with matte and metallic highlights. Enjoy!



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