Robin (Tim Drake)


One of my latest commissions is one of my favorite detectives on the team, and a character that is getting a lot of talk lately, Tim Drake, Robin. My client requested his pre-New 52 Red Robin costume (also my favorite), and for him to have a stature in between the DCUC issue Tim Drake and Nightwing. I think a great precursor to Tim’s current role in Detective Comics is his pre-52 solo title from Fabian Necieza and Freddie Williams. A great run that lasted a few years. Tim comes with his trusty staff and custom made grapple gun.

Robin was made from a DCUC Sinestro base with Robin lower arms and cape. He has a cast head with a confident smirk, and sculpted suit details including boots, belt, suit clamps and the ‘R’. Finished off with a deeply shaded and highlighted paint job, with several shades of red and yellow. Enjoy!




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