Marvel Legends Doctor Strange Triple Figure Review!


str1The other day I stopped into my local GameStop store and they were having a huge after Christmas sale. So I picked up a bunch of Marvel Legends figures on the cheap and now I’m putting the first of them to good use! Among the booty were the 3 new Doctor Strange figures. Two of the Strange figures I’ll be featuring here are from the latest Doctor Strange movie wave (comic book version and movie version), and the third is from the Hulkbuster wave.

First up is the comic book version from the Doctor Strange movie wave. This is my favoritstr2e of the 3. He is the now traditional medium Bucky Cap base with the new head sculpt we first saw on the Hulkbuster wave Strange, and the same belt/skirt. He comes with some of those new sweet magic hand effects in fluorescent orange, and the thing that really sells the figure, his cape! The cape is removable and it a great throwback to his classic comic look. It’s a bit stiff, but proportioned well, and can be used to enhance his poses.

str5This figure’s articulation is tip top, as with most of the new Legends figs. His paint apps are very minimal on the mostly black body, with a red design on the chest and abs that invoke a magical symbol. Minimal but cool and clean. I really like this new head sculpt, and it is very similar to the new Kraven figure. Very fitting for Steven Strange! This figure has painted gloves, which is something I’ll get more into with the Hulkbuster Strange figure.

Next up is…the Hulkbuster wave Doctor Strange. This guy is a cool figure too, but is almoststr4 identical to the previous comic book Strange from the movie wave. The only differences in this figure and the one above is he has no cape, but as a trade off he comes with cool sculpted arm gauntlets. It is the same black base body, head, and skirt with just a slight darker red in the paint apps and a slightly different chest design. His magic effects are the same but glowing green!

str6Again, I love the build of this base figure and the stature, and the articulation is excellent. I’m calling this 32 points of articulation if you could the way joints like the ankles can flex and extend as well as swivel. I prefer this body to the Spiderman buck, mostly because as a customizer the shoulders on this guy are easier to work with than the Spiderman ones; less moving parts. He can strike all kinds of 5th dimensional poses.

Last up is the Benedict Cumberbatch movie Doctor Strange figure. I’m on the fence withstr3 this one. His body sculpt is really cool but really stiff, especially the legs; not a lot of posing there. The head is a nice new sculpt that captures Benedict’s face well, but the hair is way off. The cape is a decent and removable accessory but is way off from the movie, and I noticed it having just seen the movie once. Which is a shame because it was it’s own character in the movie. It would have been cool to make it screen accurate and maybe pose-able.

str8His paint apps are pretty good and clean, some nice shading over the nicely textured sculpt of the body. He also comes with a second pair of hands, but just like in the movie unfortunately, they are just open and don’t convey any traditional spell casting finger positions. This Strange also comes with his magical shield from the film that he holds like a garbage can lid, so not terribly impressive. Not a terrible figure, but not very visually accurate to the movie.

Overall, compared to the last Doctor Strange figure from the neat-Toybiz days, these str7figures are all extremely superior. They are very nice and striking figures, especially when added to a group of other movie Marvel Legends, or comic book figs. I highly recommend the comic book version from the movie wave; his cape really make him stand out! Plus, all of these come with BAF parts for really cool BAF figures. So if you can find the whole wave cheap it’s worth it. Enjoy!


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