Slyth-Or (MOTUC Original)


In the battle for Eternia the tide has swayed in the favor of He-Man and the forces of good. Fearing that he is losing the fight not only to He-Man, but also against Lady Sliter’s take over, King Hiss sends Fangor to the dark side of Snake Cavern. Deep in the Eternian mountains is a cavern that is said to be the home of the most vile, ruthless, and fierce of all snake creatures. Fangor is successful in finding Slyth-Or, but in order to recruit him to the side of King Hiss, Fangor has to strike a secret deal. Slyth-Or makes Fangor swear not to tell King Hiss that when the war is won, he will be coming for Hiss’s throne and head! Armed with the Living Weapons of Snake Cavern, Slyth-Or’s ax and sword are two of the most powerful weapons in all Eternia. Not to mention that Slyth-Or has a thirst for carnage unmatched in all of Eternia.

Slyth-Or was made from a Snake Man guard base with sculpted armor and weapons, and wrapped up in a Filmation inspired metallic and matte paint job. Enjoy!



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