Meela (MOTUC Original)


The peasant girl known as Meela lived on the outskirts of Eternia. One day her village was attacked by Beast Man and his animal half breeds. Meela bravely gathered the elderly and children of her village and hid them as best she could, but it wasn’t good enough. As the frightened children heard Beast Man coming closer the screamed, giving away their hiding place. In a wild fit of rage Beast Man sniffed out the villagers and came barging into the hideout. Just when all seemed lost, He-Man and Man At Arms descended upon Beast Man and his pillagers, crushing the evil forces and saving Meela and her village. Meela was immediately smitten with Eternia’s savior, He-Man. Inspired, she took up arms and crafted a shield from wood and swore not only to continue to protect her village, but to find her way back to He-Man to join his forces, and hopefully gain the affection of He-Man himself.

Meela was made from a MOTUC Battleground Teela, Skeletor head with a Flutterina face grafted into the hood, and sculpted hair. She has a modded ML Hope cape, and sculpted details to her costume. Her shield is fully sculpted as well, and she is finished with a deeply shaded and detailed paint job. Enjoy!



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