Rock-Or (MOTUC Original)


He-Man has been looking to add someone to his side that has a little edge. When the day came that Prince Adam’s favorite band, Iron Metal, came to the palace to perform for the king and queen, Adam saw an opportunity. After the show Iron Metal’s front man, Rock-Or, was invited to dinner with the royal family. At the dinner conversation Adam learned that Rock-Or was really using Iron Metal to secretly infiltrate Skeletor’s deepest camps and gain information for the king to use in the battle against Skeletor. Later that night Adam transformed into He-Man and offered Rock-Or a spot on his team. Now He-Man has the most Metal ally in all of Eternia on his side! Rock-Or can’t wait to share his metal with the forces of evil!

Rock-Or was made from a MOTUC Count Marzo base with a modded head and left hand that his always rocking. His right arm is from Keldor, Cyclone waist, and sculpted armor. His paint job was inspired by Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages. Enjoy!



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