Hiss-Teria (MOTUC Concept)


Hiss-Teria is Lady Slither’s Snakeman assassin! She is a psychotic killer, and gets pleasure from hinting her victims and killing them in the most painful ways possible. Armed with her blaster and Sword of Poison, Hiss-Teria is also responsible for training Lady Slither’s Snakemen in the art of crazy. She is known for constantly being at odds with Flail-Tail, but the two together on the battlefield are a virtual nightmare!

Hiss-Teria was made from a MOTUC Battleground Teela base, her head is a DCUC Copperhead. I cut out the face and sculpted her mouth entirely. Her hair are snakes from 2 Snake Face heads, her scales are all sculpted detail and meticulously painted. Her paint job is a vibrant Filmation style with deep shading. Enjoy!



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