Joker Batman Impostor (Suicide Squad)


For fans of the new Suicide Squad movie, this is Jared Leto in his Batman Imposter suit which was apparently to be featured in a cut scene from the movie. The only proof of this is the official Hot Toys release from Side Show Collectibles, and this is a detail for detail 6″ match of the Hot Toys figure. He features his trademark Joker grin that you won’t find on any other 6″ Joker Batman Impostor figure. This is truly one of a kind! He also features the exact paint job as the Hot Toys figure with all of the Joker graffiti! He comes with his gold and blood spattered grapple gun with detachable pennant, his gold Batarangs and smoke grenade! Heavily detailed, not a single one was left out.

Joker was made from a Suicide Squad Batman, with a ML Constrictor jaw spliced onto the Batman head. Wrapped up in a seriously detailed paint job. Enjoy!



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