Feylo Axonn (Star Wars Original)


The Mandalorians are known throughout the galaxy as some of the most skillful warriors and combatants of all time. Their armor is iconic, most notably warn by the bounty hunter Boba Fett. There are an unfortunate few who know the name Feylo Axonn. Axonn likes to call himself a debt hunter, as he is hired to hunt those that owe a life debt, resulting only in death. Heavily armed with his custom sniper rifle and twin side arms, Feylo’s weapon of choice is his blade that he uses to bring his employers the heads of those he is hired to hunt.

Feylo was made from a 6″ Black Series Stormtrooper, Zuvio legs, ML Cap forearms, Machine man hands, with sculpted armor and modded helmet cast, and lots of fodder. He has a custom made jet pack and cloth cape with the Mandalorian symbol. Finished in a custom battle warn paint job. Enjoy!



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