Scale-Ena is Lady Slither’s most powerful shaman, and arch enemy of Dark Eternia’s Spirit-Tress. Scale-Ena is one with the dark mystic powers of the Eternian Underland. The most powerful weapon in her arsenal is a Voodoo like head of Skeletor that she made to keep him under Lady Slither’s fake alliance.With it, when the time comes, Scale-Ena can wield the will of Skeletor himself.

Scale-Ena was made from a female MOTUC base with Fluterina hair on a Battleground Teela head with Wrraal horns, she has parts from Shotaki and DCUC snake guy’s armor, along with sculpted scales and details. She has snakes from King Hisss, and a skeletor head with voodoo markings. finished in a Filmation inspired paint job. Enjoy!



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