Drae-Gonn is the most powerful and fierce guardian from the Eternian Cloud Country. It is a peaceful realm that has unfortunately fallen under the threat of Skeletor. Cloud Country is the only place in Eternia that the gaseous gem kraeton can be found. Once Skeletor realized the value of this gem he invaded the realm leaving Drae-Gonn the last member of the royal guard alive, and in search of a benevolent force to help in his war against…the evil forces of Skeletor! Armed with his ore-ax Drae-Gonn swore to avenge the people of his realm.

Drae-Gonn was made from a MOTUC Dactus base with King Hisss biceps, Snake Man neck piece, Rattlor neck, Clawful armor, and the head and tail from a dragon figure. Wrapped him up in a Filmation style paint job and gave him some rusty armor. Enjoy!



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