in search of his Spartan brother Stone-Ax, Roc-Klaw is able to make it through the same universal doorway before it closed. However, once in Eternia Roc-Klaw realized he was far from where Stone-Ax had gone through. Years later on an Eternain battlefield the two brothers are reunited. Leaving a battle that neither had a stake in, Roc-Klaw and Stone-Ax join the side of He-Man and his battle against the evil forces of Skeletor! Armed with his battle mallet and golden shield, and protected by armor forged from the strongest rock in Eternia, Roc-Klaw is a powerful addition to He-Man’s forces.

Roc-Klaw was made from a MOTUC Blade body, ML Hyperion head, ML Bulldozer armor, and sculpted details. Finished him with a battle worn paint job, and he is covered in the same tribal tattoos as his brother. Enjoy!



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