Rey “Resistance” (Star Wars TFA Ahch-To Outfit)


I would argue Rey is one of, if not the greatest character of modern fiction created this century. Compelling, captivating, inspiring, and at least for the next year and a half, she will be the center of one of the more interesting debates in Star Wars history. Weather she turns out to be a Skywalker, Solo, or Kenobi (it’s Kenobi ;), Rey will most likely end up as the Jedi of choice for many a sweaty nerd.

This is Rey in her Resistance outfit from the final scene of Star Wars The Force Awakens, as she makes her climb up the cliffs of Ahch-To to find Luke and return his lightsaber. The design of this costume is take directly from the movie, complete with sculpted detail, a many layered custom paint job, and a brand new painted face that looks much more like Daisy Ridley. Rey comes with everything she is seen with in the final moments of the film, including her staff with a new flexible strap, her satchel, her custom made blaster that Han gives to her (also movie accurate), and a custom made, movie accurate Luke/Anikin lightsaber. I put a lot of work and attention to detail into this figure to make her as movie accurate as possible.

Rey was made from a ML White Tiger base, Marvel Girl skirt, 6″ Black Series Rey arms, head, and feet, sculpted jacket, shirt and forearms, and fodder parts for her accessories. Wrapped up in a many layered paint job, with tons of detail. Enjoy!




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