The X-Mods (Marvel Legends)


These are a bunch of commissioned mods that all added up to some decent work, so I thought I’d throw them all together into one cool picture. From left to right we have a Jubilee Wolverine head fitted to a Red Hulk Wolverine body, with painted mask. Phoenix was way too tall and lanky, so I shortened her legs and refitted her feet. The X on Cyclops’s face was repainted to match his body, and he was given a new unmasked head. Puck Wolverine was given a new fitted head with custom paint matching; love that color. Johnny Storm’s head was re-fit onto Reed Richards body. X-23 got some paint touch ups, fixed claws, and a newly painted mask. And last was Apocalypse Wolverine head fitted to the X-Force body (no idea what happened to his claws) with a repainted mask. Enjoy!



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