Phasma Hunter Finn (Star Wars TFA)


Once recovered from his injuries suffered at the hand of Kylo Ren at the end of TFA, Finn hears news of Captain Phasma’s escape from the trash compactor on Star Killer base. With the aid of a new cybernetic spine and modified armor cobbled together from fallen New Order Stormtroopers, Finn decides Phasma is his responsibility and teams up with Poe Dameron to hunt her down. Equipped with a resolve to support his friends and the resistance, Finn customizes an array of weapons designed to match Phasma blow for blow. Finn is now a Phasma Hunter.

Finn comes with a custom made helmet that now filters out toxins as well as smoke, custom sculpted armor with cyber-spine and removable cape that bare the symbol of the resistance, a custom made long range rifle, a custom made melee baton, the blaster Han gave him with shoulder strap, and his familiar Stormtrooper blaster. He can carry all of his weapons at once with various straps and holsters.

Finn was made from a Finn base, ML WWII Cap legs, TFA Stormtooper kneepads, shoulder pads, and hallowed out helmet with sculpted details. His upper body armor is sculpted, and he has a highly detailed paint job with several layers of dry brush and shading, sealed with a gloss and matte finish. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Woke up this morning to see that John Boyega himself approves of this here figure, over on the Twitters! See the last picture below, pretty rad.



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