Jaw-Bone (MOTUC Original)


A product of Hordak’s Agents of Magic, Jaw-Bone was once the pet of one of Dark Eternia’s most fearsome powers of evil, Ky-Plex. Once word spread that a rift had been created between the 3 realms of Eternia, Etheria, and Dark Eternia, Hordak felt it necessary to flex his muscle to ensure all knew that he was not to be trifled with. Hordak sent his minions Grizzlor and Leech through the rift to take the most valuable item they came across. His prize was a hideous creature said to be so treasured that it’s master cared for it more than his own offspring. Hordak immediately felt it’s value and had his Agents of Magic transform it into another soldier for his Evil Horde army. Jaw-Bone is a living skull with eyes, and a beast like presence. His jeweled armor and tri-claw weapon are the sign of his former master, Ky-Plex.

Jaw-Bone was made from a Stratos body, Hordak feet and skirt, unknown head with sculpted detail, and sculpted armor and weapon from a DC Hawkman. Finished him off with a deeply shaded Filmation style paint job. Enjoy!



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