Captain Trainor (MOTUC Original)


Captain Elizabeth Trainor, also known as “The Train”, was tasked to head the search for her partner Captain Glenn. Trainor gets her nickname from her relentless effort to complete every mission regardless of the obstacle. It’s this relentlessness that caused her to push her ship beyond it’s capabilities, damaging it beyond repair. Trainor drifted in space until her ship crashed on Eternia. After being recovered by Price Adam and Cringer, Captain Trainor awoke to see Captain Glenn, now Queen Marlena of Eternia, and simply uttered two words, “Mission accomplished.” Trainor suffered injuries in her crash and was fitted with a cyber-spine. She is a crack shot with her custom grava-blaster, and is a valuable and welcome addition to Queen Marlena’s Eternian family.

The Train was made from an MOTUC Angela base, Shokoti boots, her head was a DC Direct figure. Her belt, shoulder pads, and spine were sculpted. Her armor is fodder, and her weapons were custom modded. Finished with a vibrant Filmation style paint job, and several layers of gray in her hair, with some deep shaded highlights. Enjoy!



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