The Knights of Ren (Star Wars TFA)


The Knights of Ren, followers of their master, Kylo Ren. In the movie we only get a few seconds glimpse of these six ominous beings in one scene. In Rey’s vision we see them standing around Kylo in the rain, and if you look close and fast you can see that each one is very distinct from the other.

Each one of these figures takes inspiration from what is seen in the film and the concept art from the book ‘The Art of Star Wars The Force Awakens’. Each of the six Knights has his own unique head with sculpted details. Their bodies also feature a mix of sculpted detail, hard plastic, and soft fabric parts so that they fit in perfectly with the rest of your 6″ Star Wars Black Series collection. Each Knight of Ren also comes with their own unique weapons set including heavy blasters, cyber blades, laser staffs, hand blasters, and more!

The entire set of The Knights of Ren are on eBay now!

Each figure was made from a mix of Star Wars Black Series bases, Marvel Legends and DCUC fodder parts, and sculpted details. Shout out to my colleague Jin Saotome for some of the inspiration! Enjoy!





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