BB-8 (Star Wars 6″ Black Series)


I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and for me, The Force Awakens was perfect. So along with everyone else I’ve developed some theories of my own, and a new wave of “What if…” Black Series figures. I’m calling the first four TFA Wave Zero.

The 4th figure in my Wave 0 is a custom ultimate BB-8. I felt like the original one was a bit lacking, considering how dynamic he was in the movie. I gave BB-8 a complete repaint cramming as many details as I could onto the figure. He has detailed paneling showing off all of the details of his shell, added color detail to his head including the red dot on his primary photoreceptor, I also gave him realistic sand effects and warn details that we see throughout the movie. To top it off I gave 2 him detachable arms that he uses in the film to ZAP Finn when they first meet, and another to give a thumbs up! Enjoy!



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