Supreme Leader Snoke (Star Wars 6″ Black Series)


I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and for me, The Force Awakens was perfect. So along with everyone else I’ve developed some theories of my own, and a new wave of “What if…” Black Series figures. I’m calling the first four TFA Wave Zero.

I’m guessing since we didn’t see Snoke in full that Hasbro won’t put out a Snoke figure. So I made on based on what we did see. In the movie we see him as a fairly frail being with scars that imply he has been terribly wounded at some point. However, he is most likely very strong with the Dark Side of the Force. I imagine him having and abnormally long light saber blade, so that when he is engaged in a duel, he can keep his enemies as far from his frail body as possible. I made sure to sculpt his head and face to reflect the scars and damage we see in the movie. I gave him his collar and robes, and you’ll notice the evil shape his hood takes when up; it also resembles Kylo Ren’s ship.

Snoke was made from a DCUC Desaad base, original sculpted face, Kylo Ren robe with a ML Piledriver belt. His light saber was made from fodder, and I gave him a heavily detailed and shaded custom paint job. Enjoy!



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